Construction Site Security

Over the past decade our team has worked on a range of security projects in the construction sector. We protect expensive materials and machinery through temporary or emergency cover in South and Central England.

We offer fully-trained security professionals to provide a visible deterrent that protects your business.

Facility Security

Our experience in the construction industry means that we are well aware of just how vulnerable sites can be when unguarded. Over the past decade First Response has developed keen strategies and our professionals know which security measures are essential. Our pool of highly-trained guards can be deployed to any of the areas we serve with just two hours of notice.


Our team of security professionals can diligently watch over your site whenever you need them. Given the extensive network of professionals that we employ, we are capable of monitoring your construction site whenever you need us. This level of coverage means that in unexpected circumstances, we are here for you to trus

Every construction project is unique. Our highly-trained and professional guards understand how to adapt to any situation, meaning that they can tailor our solutions to your needs. We can conduct a thorough assessment of your site and develop a comprehensive strategy to protect your equipment and materials from would-be thieves and vandals.

Site managers have a lot to worry about: expensive and sophisticated machinery and materials are often exposed and if left unguarded, they can be damaged. Vandalism, theft and property damage are real possibilities, but our team of trained guards protect you from these expensive and inconvenient hassles.

Case Studies

Secure Success

At First Response, we have secured countless sites over the years by leveraging our experience and skills. Our highly-experienced guards get the job done by offering mobile patrols, access control, gatehouse security and more. We have worked in partnership with a range of sites including Ashvale Construction in Luton and a range of council sites.

Our Process

Step 1

The process begins with our Contracts Manager heading to the site to receive instructions. A trained expert, all of the necessary provisions will be taken and the relevant paperwork will be signed off.

Step 2

A thorough and exacting risk assessment will be conducted. This process will leave no stone unturned and ensure that your site will receive the catered plan it needs. An action plan will be created and the appropriate guards will be sourced.

Step 3

Once the most appropriate guards have been selected, they will receive a full brief and any specialist training that will be required. The guards will see the site and explore its intricacies before offering unbeatable security.

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