Hospitality Security

We address a growing demand for security within the hospitality industry by providing door supervision, on-site security and response teams to bars, pubs, nightclubs, lodging establishments and more.

A Lasting Relationship

Given the high demand for security within the hospitality industry, many poor security firms have emerged which want to make quick money. Our approach has been developed over the last 30 years and means that we work to create a lasting relationship. We do this by properly understanding your business and the security services that you need the most.


Our management team has years of experience getting to grips with the needs of businesses and creating security plans that directly address those needs. We do this for our clients, meaning that we can understand their circumstances and provide the appropriate personnel for their specific needs.

We understand that in the hospitality industry, a happy visitor is essential for your business. Our trained security staff have all of the necessary knowledge, acumen and experience to deliver exceptional service. You can rest assured that our guards will present your business in an appropriate manner without ever sacrificing on our high standards.

As a fully-accredited security firm, First Response follows all of the principles, procedures and policies which are laid out in legislation. You can rest assured that alongside our own standards, we adhere to all of the necessary legislation as required by law. This means that your business can offer safe and legal security that is compliant with the law.

Case Studies

Protecting the Chiltern Hotel

Our team has protected the Chiltern Hotel for many years. Our relationship has flourished over the years and our regular patrols of both inside and outside the premises keep guests feeling safe. Naturally, our presence has also helped to thwart the attempts of criminals and diffuse problematic situations. Our officers also conduct reception duties while conducting checks of the bar area and wedding hall.

Our Process

Step 1

Our process begins with our management team getting to grips with your business and your particular security needs. Once your needs have been defined, our management team will handpick the most appropriate security team for you.

Step 2

This team of handpicked professionals work to offer you outstanding security while presenting your business in the best light. Their work helps to make your staff and patrons feel safer and happier.

Step 3

Our security team never once deviates from legislative standards, meaning that we can be held accountable while you can have total peace of mind that your security is compliant and legal.

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