Event Security

At First Response we have over ten years of experience providing crowd management and security solutions for national events with over 25,000+ visitors. Our hassle-free service has protected attendees and staff at countless corporate functions, trade shows, sporting events and public entertainment activities.

Holistic Security

We cover all of your security and stewarding needs. From initial planning and the creation of teams to pre- and post-event activities, we ensure that your event goes off without a problem. We provide all of the necessary activities before, during and after your event including crowd control, body checks, VIP protection, emergency plans, risk assessment and more.


We live in dangerous times where bad actors want to target large events. The presence of our highly-trained guards thwarts these attempts and helps your staff and your guests feel entirely comfortable while enjoying themselves. This feeling of safety helps to keep the focus on your event and its goals.

Our event security services cover everything that you need to think about. This hassle-free approach means that we cater for all of your needs so that your business and your attendees can enjoy a safe and successful event. We also offer cost-effective security without ever sacrificing on important elements.

We understand that the experience of your attendees is your priority. That is why we handpick the best guards for the job, giving you highly-trained professionals who are both professional and friendly towards your guests. This helps to cultivate a calm and safe feeling throughout your event.

Case Studies

Private and Community Events

Our team of highly-trained and experienced professionals have what it takes to offer end-to-end security for a range of events. Over the years we have worked to draft security details, execute on them and wrap up with a detailed report. We have worked on community events like the Christmas Lights to the Luton Half Marathon, all the way to private events like weddings, parties and TV shows.

Our Process

Step 1

Our management team works alongside your events team to create a security plan. We call upon over 30 years of experience protecting attendees at large and small events to handle any incident that may arise.

Step 2

This security plan is used to conduct extensive pre-planning that means our team and your staff are highly prepared and completely familiar with the venue and working environment.

Step 3

Our highly-trained guards are capable of covering all your security needs, giving you security service that you can depend on. Pre- and post-event assessments give you a full insight into your event.

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