Manned Security Services

Our highly-trained mobile security teams keep your business safe and your costs down by protecting your interests. Vigilant and dependable, you never have to worry about your premises.

Dependable Manned Security

Every static guard in our large team is vigilant and dependable, vetted for quality according to British Standard BS7858 and licensed by the Security Industry Authority. The training and flexibility that our staff demonstrates means that we can respond quickly to your needs around the clock. The uniformed presence that they offer plays an important role in deterring would-be criminals, while also alerting our Licensed Officers to the risk of fire, flood or other damaging incidents.


Your needs are paramount. To protect your interests as efficiently and effectively as possible, we employ only the best and give them the necessary training that they need. Rigorous vetting ensures that the guards fit with our philosophy and values while industry-leading training prepares them for every possible situation. This means that you benefit from the protection of the best manned guards in the industry.

Not only are our guards perfectly trained and vetted, they are capable of adapting to any unique environment. This means that they can fit to your particular needs and premises seamlessly. We work hard to cultivate a keen understanding of the local area which gives our professionals the edge over the competition. With a wealth of local knowledge, our guards can protect your premises efficiently and effectively.

If you pursued this level of manned guarding in-house, you would find that it is incredibly expensive and that you would still need to call upon a range of outside support. Our solution offers you the services of trained professionals who seamlessly adapt to your needs. Their protection is hassle-free and does not require any extra effort from your side – you can simply relax, safe in the knowledge that your interests are protected by the best.

Case Studies

Proven Results

Over the years our guards have provided quality manned guarding services across the country. During our regular patrols, we have had various instances where we have performed reception duties and gate controls, while also monitoring alarm systems. Our team has also secured safety by performing bag searches and performing first aid when required. When necessary, our team has also liaised with emergency services.

Our Process

Step 1

We employ rigorous vetting standards which ensure that we employ only the best. This means that you can depend entirely on your security. With a talented team available, we can work with you to develop a bespoke solution that fits your circumstances.

Step 2

Our team of security experts work to develop both internal and external patrol routes which protect your interests. The pattern of these routes is randomised to offer your interests the best protection, while long-term planning means that all eventualities are prepared for.

Step 3

Your premises are provided with signage that lets would-be criminals know that your property is safe and secure. The patrol team regularly checks on the property as defined in the action plan, while the mobile patrols act as a powerful deterrent.

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