Business Security

Our business security services provide you with quality guards who can handle crime hotspots while using innovative techniques to reduce the losses faced by your business.

We offer fully-trained security professionals to provide a visible deterrent that protects your business.

Quality in Mind

Our service stands out from the crowd because we go the extra mile to understand the specific goals of your business. Equipped with this knowledge, we are able to develop a sophisticated roadmap which is moulded to those goals and helps you to achieve them. Our team is hand-picked to fit with your particular goals and business environment.


Depending upon the nature of your business, you could be losing significant amounts of stock or materials due to theft from customers and staff. Using cutting-edge techniques catered to the needs of our clients, our business security experts have achieved fantastic loss reduction figures in the past. This helps our clients to improve their bottom line while reducing crime.

By significantly reducing the amount of products and materials that are lost due to theft, our service is a keen investment that you can make to deliver a measurable boost to your ROI. Regular incident reports outline our interactions, helping you to quantify just how our service has improved your ROI.

Above all else, it’s essential that your business creates a safe environment for your customers and staff. The presence of our trained and courteous guards helps to create that environment. The people on your premises can work and shop safe in the knowledge that they are safe from crime.

Case Studies

Effective Security Services

At First Response, our team has worked with a huge range of businesses over the years. Whatever the industry or location, we have always kept our clients and their premises safe and secure. We also take our commitment to corporate social responsibility seriously, providing Islamic Relief Worldwide – a private charity organisation – manned guarding on four different sites.

Our Process

Step 1

Our management team works alongside you to develop a long-term security plan for your business. We explore how data can be used to help you make the right decisions, while our security team is put in place under the guidance of our dedicated management team.

Step 2

Once the plan has been created our trained guards and store detectives are seamlessly installed into your environment. These team members are selected for their integrity and quality, meaning that they work quickly, proactively and diplomatically.

Step 3

These guards work diligently to cut down on the losses that your business witnesses, adding a boost to your ROI. This includes directly reclaiming the products that are taken by would-be offenders who damage your bottom line.

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