Public Sector Security

Public sector funding remains tight, but our qualitative approach guarantees we provide outstanding levels of service for the best possible price. Protected clients include Queen Elizabeth II hospital, Hinchingbrooke hospital and Lister hospital.

The Extra Mile

We have been working with the care sector since 2014. In this time we have developed a keen understanding of the values of our clients, resulting in a 97% Client Satisfaction Score in 2016. We develop close ties with our clients, meaning that we can constantly improve our operations by learning, adapting and continuing to evolve. Your institution can be entirely secure thanks to the presence of our highly-trained guards.


Our trained and accredited Security Officers have a 1-year Customer Services Level 2 Apprenticeship with workplace assessments. This means that our staff can cultivate a warm atmosphere for your visitors through effective communication, problem solving and customer relations. Workplace diversity is also key, meaning that our officers help to create and maintain a positive and inclusive working environment.

Our officers have all of the necessary skills and experience to protect your staff, visitors and guests from theft and crime. Your premises and the valuable equipment within it is also protected from vandalism. Our officers follow all key legislation and guidance, working alongside partners to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people.

At First Response, we constantly examine the manner and level of service that we deliver to ensure you are constantly receiving our best. We conduct regular and comprehensive examinations into the state of your premises to find new hazards and offer effective solutions. We keep up with your business and industry to offer ongoing improvement.

Case Studies

Proven Public Sector Experience

In our many years of operation, our expert security staff have protected many public sector facilities including the Queen Elizabeth II hospital, Hinchingbrooke hospital and Lister hospital. Our experience and abilities mean staff, patients and their families have all been kept safe and can focus on what is important.

Our Process

Step 1

Our experienced management team works to develop an industry-leading implementation plan that fits specifically to your environment and needs. This plan promotes the safety and security of your people and premises.

Step 2

Our Business Development Director maintains personal contact with your management team and an Account Manager is installed. This helps us to adapt and respond to your needs as they develop.

Step 3

We drive further value for your operation by offering supplementary support. Our trained and accredited officers can assist with access control, surveillance, key holding and much more. Our offering is supported by forward-thinking solutions like mobile app reporting, remote monitors and lone worker devices.

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